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Robot Kit No 5
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Robot Kit No 5

( RoboRobo )


RoboRobo is a South Korean manufacturer that has a range of robotic kits that have been developed around an education and training model. Each kit includes a student workbook which can be used for self-study, or used with the available Teacher's guide in a classroom environment.

Each kit targets a different skill level ranging from complete novices with the Beginner level, developing the student's skills all the way through to Advance and Competition levels.

RoboRobo also have a range of kits available for children as young as 4 years old to introduce the fundamentals of robotics in a fun and informative way.

These kits are grouped in two series;


Is designed for children aged 4 to 6 and is designed to activate their brain and develop their creativity while assembling robots.

Each kit is composed of blocks that contain special circuts such as CPUs, infra-red sensors, contact sensors that help children build several types of robots. The blocks are designed to fit together to make assembly and control very easy.

Each kit includes a workbook that helps develop skill and knowledge in robotics. The workbooks can be used as a self study guide or when used with the Teacher's guide that is available, used in a classroom environment.

Programming the robots is done with a card reader system allowing children to program the robots without a computer. Each card results in making the robot perform a funny action and children can combine these "funny cards" to create their own combination of actions.


Is designed for children aged 7 and over and is based on a series of robot kits, each with a different skill level; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Competition.

Each kit includes a workbook that helps develop skill and knowledge in robotics. The workbooks can be used as a self study guide or when used with the Teacher's guide that is available, used in a classroom environment.

Programming is done with Rogic a user friendly programming tool that uses a graphical user interface to allow beginners to easily learn how to program and control a robot using various control statements such as WHILE, IF, BREAK, LOOP and develop more advance programs which use function calls.

Users also have the ability to program robots beyond Rogic's graphical interface and create programs using more advance methods such as C-language.

RoboKit is an educational tool for nurturing science talent in students. It is focused on technical aspects of sensors, electricity, machinery and computer technology rather than on assembly alone. During the process, students strengthen their creativity and understanding of robotics while working with safe circuit modules that do not require any soldering to assemble.

Package Includes:

  • 1x CPU board (8M)
  • 2x DC motor drive board
  • 1x voice board
  • 3x infrared sensor board
  • 1x infrared sensor board (automatic/intergrated)
  • 7x contact switch board
  • 1x power interface board
  • 1x dotmatrix board
  • 1x LED (orange) board
  • 1x LED (yellow) board
  • 1x LED (green) board
  • 1x LED (red) board
  • 1x buzzer board
  • 1x Remocon infrared transmitter
  • 1x Remocon infrared receiver
  • 1x sound sensor
  • 18x 3 pin cable
  • 1x RS232 cable
  • 3x Caterpillar Wheel Sproket
  • 6x Caterpillar Wheel (32mm diameter)
  • 1x Caterpillar (80 pieces)
  • 2x Caterpillar (20 pieces)
  • 8x tires (50mm diameter)
  • 8x wheels (50mm diameter)
  • 5x wheels (40mm diameter)
  • 4x DC geared motor (100rpm)
  • 2x DC geared motor (600rpm)
  • 3x Servo DC geared motor
  • 1x Shaft 75mm (3mm diameter)
  • 2x Shaft 150mm (3mm diameter)
  • 2x Shaft 200mm (3mm diameter)
  • 1x motor guide
  • 4x header pin
  • 30x motor frame
  • 10x L-1x2 frame
  • 14x L-2x2 frame
  • 18x L-2x6 frame
  • 6x support (5mm)
  • 18x support (7mm)
  • 12x support (10mm)
  • 10x support (15mm)
  • 14x support (20mm)
  • 12x support (25mm)
  • 12x support (30mm)
  • 10x support (35mm)
  • 16x support (40mm)
  • 8x bolt 2.6x10 (1) (washers and paste)
  • 9x bolt 3x6 (50ea)
  • 67x bolt M3x10
  • 9x nut 3mm (50ea)
  • 6x cap nut 3mm
  • 42x nilon nut 3mm
  • 8x Adjust brushing
  • 3x main frame (PCB)
  • 2x main frame (plastic)
  • 12x of the frame (PCB)
  • 8x of the frame (plastic)
  • 6x Option frame (plastic)
  • 10x small 8 frame (PCB)
  • 10x place 3 frame (PCB)
  • 10x place 4 frame (PCB)
  • 8x place 5 frame (PCB)
  • 1x ja frame (plastic)
  • 16x batteries (AA cell)
  • 4x battery case (hold 4 AA cells)
  • 1x hex nut driver
  • 1x (+) driver
  • 1x CDROM (Rogic)
  • 1x part comparison list
  • 1x Kit - Tray box (handle)
  • 1x plastic parts boxes
  • 1x dice
  • 2x plastic cups
  • 3x double-sided tape
  • 3x fan blades


Kit contents

The robot kit has been developed to nurture the talents in children in the fields of science and mathematics as well as help them develop creative thinking.

Students gain an understanding of the structure of machines and how they operate while assembling various robots.

Assembly is safe and does not require soldering to connect components. Students develop hand-eye coordination and improve their spatial perception during the assembly process.

upgrade kits available

The RoboRobo Robokits include upgrade kits. The upgrade kits include all the necessary components and workbooks to expand the existing kit up to the next level kit. This ensures your investment is always sound.


Each course includes a workbook. Kits with multiple courses will include a workbook for each course. The workbooks are organized for the student to check and revise the important points and allows the student to go to the next level after insuring the most important points.

They include various characters and pictures rather than excessive texts and delivers the learning content efficiently through a quiz that is related to the lesson.

Students can complete their own workbook. It allows the student to feel a sense of accomplishment by testing themselves about what they learned, helping them improve their self-study skills.

Teacher's Guide
Teacher's Guide

RoboRobo also provide Teacher's Guides for each course to compliment the student workbooks to enable study in a classroom environment.

Rogic Programmer

RoboRobo includes a programming tool called Rogic which is a software program which has a graphical user interface (GUI). To make programming robots easier and enjoyable, programs are created with flowcharts using logic blocks to represent components and instructions.


Beginner Course (Suitable for ages 7 and over)

Included in kits;

  • Robot Kit 1
  • Robot Kit 1-2
  • Robot Kit 2
  • Robot Kit 2-3
  • Robot Kit 3
  • Robot Kit 3-4
  • Robot Kit 4
  • Robot Kit 4-5
  • Robot Kit 5

This course helps students to learn basic knowledge and understanding of robotic assembly with their first robot. Students also learn about various components such as LEDs, buzzers, DC motors and basic functions of sensors. In addition to robotic assembly, students will also learn about programming robots. This course includes 12 lessons.

Lesson 1: Robot Is
What is a robot? Introduction to various robots and parts used in robotics.

Lesson 2: EasyBot
This robot is used to teach the basic concepts of a robot.

Lesson 3: TreeBot
This robot is used to teach the how LEDs work and how sound is made with the buzzer board.

Lesson 4: FlyBot
This robot is used to teach how DC motors work.

Lesson 5: RaceBot
This robot demonstrates how DC motors are used to move robots.

Lesson 6: DancingBot
This robot demonstrates how DC motors attached to the feet of a robot can be used to create a sliding walk.

Lesson 7: ControlBot
Students build a robot with a corded remote control to learn how to directly control a robot and how the contact sensor can be used as an input device.

Lesson 8: HittingBot
This lesson teaches students about the LOOP chip and repeating operations.

Lesson 9: BumperBot
This robot demonstrates the use of contact sensors to detect obstacles.

Lesson 10: SensingBot
This lesson shows how infrared (IR) sensors can be used to detect and avoid obstacles.

Lesson 11: KickboardBot
This robot demonstrates how to use two infrared (IR) sensors in other ways.

Lesson 12: BattleBot
This lesson has students build their own battlebots to compete in robot to robot battles.


Intermediate Course (Suitable for ages 7 and over)

Included in kits;

  • Robot Kit 2
  • Robot Kit 2-3
  • Robot Kit 3
  • Robot Kit 3-4
  • Robot Kit 4
  • Robot Kit 4-5
  • Robot Kit 5

This course helps beginners improve their logical thinking and imagination. They also can learn various applications of the Servo Motor and Infrared (IR) Sensor which are widely used for the robotic science field. This course includes 12 lessons.

Lesson 1: CaterpillarBot
In this course, students build their own remote contol so they can understand the principle and function of wireless connections.

Lesson 2: KartBot
KartBot is a race car that helps students learn how to use overlapping buttons of the remote control.

Lesson 3: TurtleBot
Students will learn how robots can be programmed to follow a path with the infrared (IR) sensor using Turtlebot which can follow a black line drawn on white paper.

Lesson 4: ServoBot
Students are introduced to servo motors in this lesson and built ServoBot to understand how servo motors work.

Lesson 5: ScooterBot
ScooterBot is a bike type robot with steering gear.

Lesson 6: AvoidBot
Students learn how obstacles can be avoided using infrared (IR) sensors.

Lesson 7: FortressBot
Students learn the principles of levers and leverage with this catapult robot.

Lesson 8: FishingBot
FishingBot uses the infrared (IR) sensor to perceive bait. This robot helps students develop understanding of reactive systems.

Lesson 9: AxeBot
Students learn about servo motors and joint structures through a game of popping ballons with AxeBots.

Lesson 10: GrabBot
Students build a robot that can grab and carry objects demonstrating how robots can be used to perform tasks.

Lesson 11: WheelchairBot
Students see how technology is being developed to help and improve the lives of the elderly and disabled.

Lesson 12: Original Robot
In this lesson students design their own robot according to a theme and demonstrate it to the class.


Advanced Course (Suitable for ages 7 and over)

Included in kits;

  • Robot Kit 3
  • Robot Kit 3-4
  • Robot Kit 4
  • Robot Kit 4-5
  • Robot Kit 5

In this course, students can work together to build and play with robots to develop team work and a cooperative spirit. This introduces students to high-speed DC motors and new sensor boards. This course includes 12 lessons.

Lesson 1: SoccerBot
Students learn how to control small quick robots built with the high-speed DC motor demonstrated with a soccer game.

Lesson 2: FanBot
The FanBot provides a means to introduce students to the principle of a propeller.

Lesson 3: DiceBot
Students learn how to build a robot that can roll dice when it hears a hand clap.

Lesson 4: FormulaBot
To develop an understanding of how steering works in vechicles. Students build a robot with a servo powered steering mechanism.

Lesson 5: FlagBot
The Flagbot increases students understanding of robotic structures with the contruction of a flag waving robot that has arms.

Lesson 6: SweepBot
Students study the principle of how robotic cleaning robots works with DC motors.

Lesson 7: BugBot
The BugBot shows how to use DC motors to power robots with legs.

Lesson 8: BoxingBot
The BoxingBot shows students how to use the Servo Motor to move and control robotic arms.

Lesson 9: ParrotBot
The ParrotBot demonstrates how the sound sensor and voice board can be used in applications.

Lesson 10: DogBot
Using the Servo Motor student learn how to use it to make the DogBot move over a doorstill.

Lesson 11: SpaceBot
Students learn to build a robot that can move and pick up objects increasing their understanding of how robots can be designed for specific tasks.

Lesson 12: Original Robot

In this lesson students design their own robot according to a theme and demonstrate it to the class.



High Grade 1 Course (Suitable for ages 7 and over)

Included in kits;

  • Robot Kit 4
  • Robot Kit 4-5
  • Robot Kit 5

In this course students learn to assemble more advanced robots to perform more complex tasks. Lessons will introduce students to the interface board and other applications for the Servo Motor. This course includes 6 lessons.

Lesson 1: SupergrabBot
Students are introduced to the interface board through the construction of a robot that can carry balls.

Lesson 2: SupertankBot
Students learn how to build a robot that shoots rubber bands. This can be used as a centerpiece to discuss how robots are used in the military.

Lesson 3: BowlingBot
The BowlingBot lesson shows how it is possible for robots to interact with other objects.

Lesson 4: BullBot
Students learn how to use Servo Motors to control direction and movement.

Lesson 5: TrailerBot
Students build a trailer-truck and get to experience the fundamentals of vechicle control.

Lesson 6: Original Robot
In this lesson students design their own robot according to a theme and demonstrate it to the class.

High Grade 2 Course (Suitable for ages 7 and over)

Included in kits;

  • Robot Kit 5

This course helps students to deepen their understanding of robotic assembly and programming. Students learn how to use various components and the fundamentals of functions. This course includes 6 lessons.

Lesson 1: MissionBot
Students build a robot that uses the infrared (IR) sensor to follow a path and grab and move objects using the Servo Motor to complete missions.

Lesson 2: BarcodeBot
Students build a robot that uses the infrared (IR) sensor to read barcodes and display the results on a dot matrix board, introducing students to the fundamentals of barcode scanning.

Lesson 3: WritingBot
Students learn how to build a robot that can write or draw with a pen.

Lesson 4: GolfBot
The Golfbot uses a Servo Motor to swing a golf club.

Lesson 5: KendoBot
Students learn how to program with the WHILE command when the build this sword swinging robot.

Lesson 6: Original Robot
In this lesson students design their own robot according to a theme and demonstrate it to the class.


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